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Connecting Alaska Consortium Welcomes OneWeb into the Strategic Partnership

Organizations Will Focus On Growing Economic Opportunity Through Broadband Access With An Emphasis On Rural Communities.

Anchorage, Alaska, 8 June, 2023 - With an eye toward expanding economic opportunity and enhancing access to healthcare, education, and safety in rural Alaska, OneWeb, a low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications company, is partnering with Connecting Alaska Consortium to ensure resources are available to tribes and communities.

“This is about helping Alaska communities provide opportunity and access to their people,” said Katie Dowd, director of corporate and government affairs at OneWeb, North America. “With once-in-a-lifetime broadband infrastructure dollars coming to Alaska, Connecting Alaska Consortium is a one-stop shop to assure those who seek broadband dollars have knowledgeable, committed businesses to help them get the job done well.
OneWeb is thrilled with this partnership.”

With more than 600 satellites in orbit,
OneWeb’s broadband network is delivering high-speed, low-latency connectivity today to connect communities, local governments and businesses across Alaska.

As a wholesale connectivity provider,
OneWeb seeks to partner with internet service providers, telecommunication companies and community leaders who are seeking to deliver broadband services to unconnected, unserved and underserved areas. Through its participation in the Consortium, OneWeb aims to raise awareness about its connectivity solution to help deliver the benefits of broadband to more Tribes and communities across Alaska.

“OneWeb has new and effective technology that can help our rural and remote communities realize greater opportunities in healthcare, public safety and commerce,” said Gerad Godfrey, a founding board member of Connecting Alaska Consortium and tribal council member of Native Village of Port Lions. “OneWeb’s commitment to Alaska is evident in its willingness and desire to partner with the Consortium to offer pathways and connections for Tribes seeking to establish or enhance connectivity.”

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